And Artists allows any artist to create in collaboration with Rebecca Aneloski on themes of life through dance and movement storytelling. We explore creating spaces that host and engage our audience and their unique perspectives in tandem with the collaborative voice that is established within the creative process. 


And Artists and Blank Space Present “Deliquesce” an anthology dance film compiled of six chapters which deconstruct time through elements of abstract storytelling and imagery. 

An And Artists Film

with Rebecca Aneloski, Haleigh Larmer, Kerry McCrackin, Megan O’Brien, Ursula Perry, Morgan Phillips, Masio Sangster, Bailey Sill, Allison Shir

Songs By: Luke AtencioBenjamin GustafssonMax LLRoary, Brad Suggs, Harlow Wilcox,  

Movement Direction By Rebecca AneloskiBrendan Duggan, Hannah Fischer, David Flores, Rebecca Steinberg, Bashaun Williams, and Melissa Younker

Costume Design And Artists c

Production Design And Artists 

Edited By Rebecca Aneloski, Alec Lyons

Director of Photography Alec Lyons 

Assistant Director Colby Bryson

Produced By Rebecca Aneloski 

Produced By Blank Space 

Directed By Rebecca Aneloski 

Projected Release: April 2021

Process & beginnings: COVID lockdown, March of 2020. 

This project was built as an effort to continue creating art when live performances were not possible, uniting otherwise isolated artists to work together during a global pandemic.

All editing, creating, post-production, and artistic talent was donated to the process. Throughout rehearsing and filming, safety was prioritized and all COVID policies followed.